Woon Zorggebouw Zwolle

The 20-storey residential building of 66 m high will be the only high rise in the vicinity. It will stand out as a landmark, indicating the centre of the westward expansion of Zwolle. Seen from the distant highway A 28 or from the direction of Stadshage, the abstract facades provide the building with a sculptural quality.

Service flats for seniors
The 20-storey building contains service flats, mainly for seniors. Available services in the high rise for example are medical services on the first floor and dinner service by the restaurant on the 10-th floor. On the top floors a health club is situated with focus on the elderly. The health club will be equipped for revalidation, medical baths, exercise, etc. A communal meeting hall for residents of the building is located on the top floor.
Construction and details
The facades are load bearing. The flexibility in placing interior walls is only limited by the 3 x 3 m grid of the South facade. The South facade is put together with prefabricated concrete columns and beams. The concrete is isolated from the outside and covered with metal plating. Rectangular glass panels of 2.7 x 2.7 m are fit in the grid and kept in place by the metal plating. The North facade is put together with prefabricated concrete columns and beams to form a six-sided polygon. On this side the galleries are located.